Nature mystifies me.  It “bewilders” and “perplexes.”  You think you see or hear or experience what is Right There, Right Here, and then find you’re being tricked by your own senses.

There are many things I would have missed-if-I’d not been paying closer attention!

That’s a little how I felt hiking with my brother in Pisgah National Forest (NC).  Crossing a small stream as the sun was streaming into it, I took a series of photos.  The water was amazingly clear even for a mountain rivulet; the stones colorful, dappled; the light just right–but right for what?  For flowing beauty.  For pure Nature.

The images deceive.  You’ll think I used some photoshop software, but I didn’t use any enhancement.

See if you’re bewildered, perplexed, mystified.

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  1. Those are gorgeous! For some of them, you should probably enlarge and frame them, and they’d look like impressionist paintings.

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