Christian Nationalism

CFS-Fall 2022
Eight Weeks (9/22-11/10)
Thursdays 9am-11am

Course Title:

Christian Nationalism in America

Course Description:

In recent years an aggressively politicized form of Christianism has become more active in America. From moralistic legislation, to religious privilege, “school choice,” book bans, weaponizing prayer and an attempted insurrection, a belief in America as a “Christian Nation” has energized a sectarian movement that threatens core principles of secular democracy. We will shine a spotlight on the most egregious cases and highlight national organizations pushing back with educational, ethical and legal force.

Recommended Texts:

Katherine Stewart, The Power Worshippers; Andrew Seidel, The Founding Myth.  The Flag and the Cross, Gorski and Perry; White Evangelical Racism, Anthea Butler


Chris Highland has been teaching at OLLI since 2016. With degrees from Seattle Pacific University and San Francisco Theological Seminary, he was a minister and chaplain prior to becoming a humanist celebrant. Author of numerous books, Chris writes the “Highland Views” column for the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Week One (9/22):  What is Christian Nationalism?

On Screen:

Video: Katherine Stewart

Week Two:  Is America a Christian Nation?

Keynote: Christian Nation


Video: Andrew Seidel

Week Three:  Religious Privilege, Exceptionalism & Freedom of Religion

Video:  JFK to Houston Ministers

Video:  Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty

Christian Nationalism and J6

Week Four:  The Issue of Power

Image:  Trump in Iowa “You will have power.”

Fundamental Fears of Fundamentalists


Paula White: White House is Holy Ground

Paula White: “Victory”

“Re-claiming” (Madison County)

Video: Anthea Butler

Week Five:  Sexual Politics and Morality


Keynote:  Ten Commandments (states, courts, schools)

Video: Charlie Kirk (Turning Point USA speech)

Week Six:  Expanding Worldviews

Video: The Life Book (Gideons, “How To” #1)

Week Seven:  Lessons from World Wisdom Traditions

Images:  Crucified Liberty + Liberty with Cross + Interfaith/secular

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keynote: Blasphemy

Video:  Interfaith America (Eboo Patel)

Week Eight:  A Common Sense Way Forward

BlitzWatch Coalition

Congressional Freethought Caucus

Video:  Kamau

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