Christian Nationalism in America (BRCC)

Christian Nationalism in America
Instructor: Chris Highland
Dates: May 11, 18 & 25 (Thursdays, 10-noon)
BRCC Sink 233

Course Description

Based primarily on the investigative reporting of Katherine Stewart in her book, The Power Worshippers, this course will shine a spotlight on the most dangerous aspects and agendas of Christian Nationalists in America. Through lecture, video selections and class discussion we will explore the issue of political power as it distorts Christianity and damages the historic “Wall of Separation” between Religion and State.


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Questions for Reflection and Discussion

What is Christian Nationalism?

Essential Elements

Modern Roots

Survey Qs–The Flag and the Cross

Video:  Katherine Stewart (FFRF)


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“The First Amendment was not written to protect the American people from religion; the First Amendment was written to protect the American people from government tyranny.”

(Ronald Reagan, quoted on the Watchmen on the Wall website from Family Research Council)

Watchmen on the Wall statement on Separation:

Q. What about the “Separation of Church and State?”
A. This is a misleading argument repeatedly trumpeted by secularists who denounce biblical morality and truth. As you probably know this often repeated mantra appears no where in our founding documents or governing documents. However, let us be clear, no one, especially bible believing Christians are calling for a state church. We do not believe any Church should rule over the State or the State over any Church, they were both created by God to fulfill separate but interrelated purposes. What is really meant by this phrase is a separation of God from government or Christians from the public square. This we unapologetically reject.”

Declaration and Constitution

One Nation Under the God We Trust?

Ten Commandments

Fundamental Fears

Christian Nationalist-related Orgs.

Video:  Katherine Stewart (FFRF)

Video:  Baptist Freedom Fighters


Wheel of Power

Power of Coalitions

Video:  Iowa Mayor changes his mind

Video:  James Talerico (TX)

Video:  Rep. Talerico and Amanda Tyler

Video:  Rachel Laser (AU)

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