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    1. Thanks for visiting, Logan. That’s a hard question. My central blog right now is Secular Chaplain. The rest is up to your choice! You have an interesting journey. I’m sure we’ll have some good discussion. Good be with you.

  1. Chris, so I am visiting you as you have visited me, and here I realize that I have quoted you more than once! At the church that I serve there is the oldest hiker’s hostel on the Appalachian Trail and I am currently collecting stories for a book. I often bend the spine of John Muir’s Meditations books–thank you!!

  2. Having read your ‘column’ in AC-T for a few weeks now; I agree with your ‘thinking’; but, now that I have read your blogs, (advertisements) i should say; Question your ‘motive’, A money-making business or what?
    Nothing to believe in anymore, not even an Atheist!!

    Joy Radford

    1. You should not even mention GOD again, you say you are a nonbeliever but when you mention God who are you speaking of?

      There is a God, there is also a Spirit of God and Jesus the one who offers you eternal life in a real New Earth & Heaven. I really do dread to see you and those who have so many fake beliefs (religions) on judgement Day. I am no preacher but am a disciple or follower of Jesus, His Holy Spirit has touched me. I don’t think you can understand that at this time of your life.

      You will live forever, the question is where. Read the Word of God from “In the beginning”. To “ Even so Lord Jesus come”! I pray THE HOLY SPIRIT gives you the ability to understand.

      1. Well, Sir, though it might make some folks like you uncomfortable, I will continue to be a freethinker, speaking my mind as freely and as clearly as I can. As for “eternity,” I can assure you of one thing: I have no desire at all to go to the “heaven” you imagine. Yet, though you chose to visit my blog and preach at me, I do wish you well.

  3. Count me among the many who read your AC-T column and appreciate the “breath of fresh air” it represents on the religion page. Glad I found my way to your blog…have it favorited. Thank you very much for your valuable engagement with the community.

    Herman Lankford

  4. chris: some observations on 12/16 ACT Article…1. great, you put a sore subject with me ” on the table”….- you will get flack from the christian/haters- sorry to say…2. in judaism, chosen people has nothing to do with”chosen to be better” as the anti-semites cry out in disdainfulness to jews… this is replacement theology 101 and goes along with the ” end times” crap theology of john hagee & others 3. jews are “chosen” to be a holy people…holy to me= chesed shel emet=loving kindness creates truth… these self-righteous zealots are so self-centered & so brainwashed by their their”original sin” that they will do anything & say anything to reverse their”original stain”… jews are just a means to their self-serving end to avoid the fiery “end” destined for the rest of us non-believers…Yeshua the JEWBOY is spinning in heaven as these self-serving materialists bastardize his ministry/his CHESED-HIS JEWISHNESS…i’m talking to you franklin graham!… great job chris– for pointing this hypocrisy out to a general audience… robert

    1. You don’t minch words, Robert! It is a sore subject, and one that lingers over the years for me. I’m simply pulling back the curtain a little in the column today to expose the not-so-hidden agenda. I anticipate some pushback, yet, how can the main point be denied? Thanks for responding.

      1. thanks chris- please keep tackling this subject- i do a class on interfaith @ work-this is kimmel & assoc/ executive search on page ave-last class on the name/s of GOD-an attendee tells me” i just believe in GOD’S Word”… I said Which Word???: Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek,Latin , Romance Languages??.. his response: the Word :meaning King James… OY VAY!! the more you can write about Jesus ‘ Jewishness the more you promote understanding …maybe one evangelical will reflect on their false exceptionalism and live a life of chesed right now and give up the rapture garbage… thanks for your help…


  5. Chris,
    I thoroughly enjoyed you most recent column on Muir. Heaven is indeed here on Earth. Perhaps we will manage to keep from destroying it. Hope to see you and Carol soon. Walk in Beauty.

  6. I look forward to your weekly AC-T column. I suggest that you look into having the italized info now at the end of your writing, placed at the beginning for any new reader. This should eliminate the need to tell about what you are not any longer. Let the joy for you and the reader be in the telling of what you are now and the experience it brings you.

  7. Hi Chris! Thanks so much for your recent article mentioning Camp Quest! I have enjoyed reading your work and learning about your freethought journey here on the site.

  8. Re: Your “R-rated” column this week:
    A lifelong Christian, of varying degrees and definitions, I decided a few years ago to read the Bible again from an objective/critical point of view. Just a few chapters into Genesis I felt overwhelmed by the relentless violence, chapter after chapter, either at God’s “hand” or at God’s direction, which gave me an entirely different perspective on the literalist Sunday School lessons of my youth.
    Now when I think of the Flood story, even though I realize it is myth probably based on oral histories of ancient flood events and people trying to make sense of them, I can’t help but picture Noah and his family looking out the Ark portholes as the the waters were raging and rising, and seeing mothers trying desperately to keep their babies’ heads above water (guessing that you won’t see that recreated at the Ark Museum), and I get angry that kids are still taught this in many churches in the 21st century in the most advanced country in the world.
    And the idea that God was suddenly hurt that his human creation was beyond repair (being omniscient he would have known that from the start) and that he needed to wipe the slate clean and start over (being omnipotent he could have just snapped his proverbial fingers and had us all disappear) is a bit absurd given that he allowed at least four of the irredeemable DNA (which he would have invented) strains to continue (the families of Noah, his wife, and his daughters-in-law).
    (And why would an omniscient omnipotent eternal God need angels at all, much less allow one to go astray and cause all these problems?) (And why do I use so many parentheses?)

  9. I was extremely interested to see your thoughts regarding people choosing religion as opposed to accepting the one they are brought up in. The latter, of which I was one for over half of my life, I now consider lazy and non-committal. I only take seriously those who step out and back from the faith of their upbringing and compare it to other beliefs before making a commitment to live by any belief system, whether it is the one they grew up in or a totally new one of their choosing. The faith I grew up in, the Baptists, originally held this to be true in their demand that only those who are wise and mature enough to make a commitment of their own can be “saved”. They now seem to have forgotten this tenant as they teach their young that the Way into which they were born and raised, the “Faith of Our Fathers”, is the ONLY way. EXAMINATION and CHOICE are no longer components of “baptism of adult believers” and any deviation from the opinions and conclusions expressed by their elders is treated as apostasy and treason.

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