7 thoughts on “Blogs

    1. Thanks for visiting, Logan. That’s a hard question. My central blog right now is Secular Chaplain. The rest is up to your choice! You have an interesting journey. I’m sure we’ll have some good discussion. Good be with you.

  1. Chris, so I am visiting you as you have visited me, and here I realize that I have quoted you more than once! At the church that I serve there is the oldest hiker’s hostel on the Appalachian Trail and I am currently collecting stories for a book. I often bend the spine of John Muir’s Meditations books–thank you!!

  2. Having read your ‘column’ in AC-T for a few weeks now; I agree with your ‘thinking’; but, now that I have read your blogs, (advertisements) i should say; Question your ‘motive’, A money-making business or what?
    Nothing to believe in anymore, not even an Atheist!!

    Joy Radford

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