A Way to Let Go and Let Good


Disappointments with religious beliefs can lead to disturbing doubts or disbelief. It is natural to question super-natural claims, practices and beliefs. When we experience troubling thoughts or feelings in matters of faith, the first step is to find someone who will listen and understand.

If you are a person of faith who struggles with questions and need to talk to someone who has “been there,” who was a believer for a long time before choosing a personal “exodus” from faith, I could be one alternative listener for you. I am not anti-religious and not an AAA: Angry Anti-faith Atheist. As a Humanist freethinker, I know there are good people who have faith and there can be positive elements in religious traditions. I am married to an ordained minister, as I once was, and have friends and family who are people of faith. Those relationships are important, so I choose to stay in connection with them and they know where I stand, the path I have chosen.

There are always reasonable, healthier alternatives to some beliefs. It can be very helpful to talk through our most disturbing thoughts and questions. I may be able to help you to choose fresh new paths for personal wellbeing.

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