Chris Highland

Book Cover

Website First Published 12/12/12

Header Photo:  Mount Pisgah area, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (Highland)

6 thoughts on “Chris Highland

  1. Hi Chris,
    It was even more wonderful to meet you in person than in your books (as well as getting to spend an afternoon with the special folks of the Ethical Humanist Society). Thank you for the lovely inscription in your Thoreau meditations book — I consider it my new baptismal record!
    Hoping to hear your talk on Muir next month in Black Mountain — Mark Denardo

  2. chris, great column in the act–you are balancing out the FEAR based religion of billy graham & the other sat column of rev mcconnell. here’s a great book to add to your ecclectic mix: A WILD FAITH RABBI MIKE COMINS on amazon—being a minority in WNC 35 years( my polish family came to asheville in 1915)–i get your take on the world here– comins book will help you understand the natural world from a jewish perspective and he has developed meditations / exercises to use in the wild – great stuff-happy reading–shalom, robert

    1. Thank you for the kind comment, Robert. As more of us speak out and speak up vis a vis the culture of fear, the more we can hope it will be replaced by understanding. I will look for Rabbi Comins book, sounds interesting. All the best to you.

      1. chris- enjoyed today’s column in the act- interesting story on oliver sachs/ his orthodox jewish upbringing/coming out as gay… but in Sachs final days he remembers’s a good read on shabbat..
        Rabbi Abraham Heschel:SABBATH ..a more mystical take on the holy day… shalom- Robert Feirstein W. Asheville

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